Insurance – excluding Ukraine

For the peace of mind of our Clients, all our orders are covered by OCP insurance extended by:

  1. Subcontractors` clause,
  2. Clause of damage caused by the consumption of alcohol and narcotic drugs,
  3. Clause of handing over the parcel to an unauthorized person
  4. Clause of costs incurred for the recovery of transport receivables
  5. Clause on the carriage of oversized cargo

Check out our insurance: Insurance certificate

Territorial scope of the insurance contract:

  1. International transport: Europe excluding Ukraine and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States
  2. Cabotage transport: Countries of the European Union, including Germany
  3. Domestic transport: Poland

All this to make customers feel safe and comfortable with us.

Each of our order is covered with forwarders’ civil liability extended by carrier’s civil liability insurance which means that we take as much responsibilty as the carrier performing the carriage agreement. We do it all so that our clients feel with us even better.

Check our insurance certificateInsurance certificate