Cargo Insurance

In order to ensure coverage of the full value of goods transported or stored, their owner who is interested in protecting their assets should use take out the cargo insurance in each case.

In order to ensure that the full value of transported goods is covered, their owner, who cares about protecting his property, should always use cargo insurance.

As part of its services, TM Transport-Spedycja, in cooperation with the insurer, offers its customers the possibility of arranging additional insurance for the shipment during transport, at the clear request and expense of the customer.

Having a Cargo policy in the event of transport damage, has three important advantages:

  1. CARGO provides coverage for losses up to the pre-declared sum insured. Thus, there is no risk associated with the weight limitation of the amount of compensation (sdr).
  2. Compensation is paid relatively faster, as the determination of liability for the event remains with the insurer, only after compensation is awarded.
  3. Depending on the indicated scope of risk, loss coverage may also occur for events that exclude the carrier’s indemnity liability in accordance with applicable regulations.

NOTE: damages to shipments with CARGO insurance are subject to the standard claims procedure.

Claims handlers and the insurer will assess:

  1. Whether the damage occurred in transit (appropriate annotations on the documentation)
  2. The extent of the damage and the possibility of minimizing it