Road Services

We present transport network at our clients’ disposal which always lets us to work out the most convenient solution.

Road transport is a specialized fleet of vehicles at our disposal is our way of fulfilling orders for Clients from various industries and professions. Our company specializes in domestic and international transport and specialized transportation, and the comprehensiveness of our services in this area and the opportunities offered by cooperation with us make us equal to the market leaders.

Thanks to our experience in various areas of transportation, we can carry out orders for our Clients for the transportation of various goods, ie: FMCG, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, medicines, packaging, construction elements, household chemicals, raw materials and components for production, machinery, construction materials, equipment elements, paper, agricultural articles, granulate.

TM – Transport Spedycja is an experienced partner in FTL and LTL ADR, neutral as well as temperature-controlled (from – 25°C to + 25°C) cargo transportation.

Shipment of goods is always based on prior arrangements with the customer, and our drivers make every effort to ensure that your products arrive safely at their destination.

We work only with proven carriers and partners in Poland and abroad, and by constantly monitoring the work of our suppliers and our previous experience in carrying out a variety of orders and contracts, we can provide customers with the highest quality in the process of their service.

The vast experience accumulated in domestic and international distribution markets, allows us to quickly and efficiently carry out customers’ orders by road transport.

Transportation of various goods, excellent knowledge of destination regions, temperature prints and cooperation with trusted carriers are just some of the reasons why you should talk to us about cooperation.

Our specialization is Transport in the Controlled Temperature

FTL & LTL international shipments
Transportation in a controlled temperature between -22°C + 20°C
Consolidation and transportation of goods from many pick-ups to few recipient in the same area
Printouts of the temperature

East and Baltic area