We provide full range of services connected with warehousing goods: from loading in through loading out to checking the amount of the goods and delivery distribution.

We have modern warehouse space to store products with special requirements. Our warehouses have high-level storage systems, modern internal transportation, 24-hour security and facility monitoring procedures. In warehouses, during the receiving and releasing of goods, quality and quantity control is performed simultaneously, a process that can be supported by scanning and identification of data from labels.

Goods can be released in the form of unitary pallets, mixed pallets or parcels, and at the customer’s request also at the weekend and during night hours.

Our Clients can also take advantage of the services we offer:

  1. Unloading and loading of trucks, containers and vans;
  2. Picking;
  3. Storage of goods on racks with a load capacity of up to 1,000kg;
  4. Quality control upon receipt of goods
  5. Repackaging
  6. Foiling and labeling of goods
  7. Warehouse mapping and WMS interface information systems;
  8. Inventory management according to FIFO, LIFO principles, or according to specific requirements;
  9. Reporting;
  10. 24-hour monitoring;